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Are you considering making a website but need help figuring out don’t where to start? Squarespace might be what you’re looking for. It’s a tool that lets you build a website without learning all the tech stuff. Here’s a straightforward look at what Squarespace offers, mainly focusing on how it can work for you in 2024.

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What’s Squarespace?

Squarespace is an all-in-one website-building platform that offers a wide range of tools and features to create a personalized online presence. It’s like a digital Lego set that lets you build a website from scratch, no matter your goals – showcasing your artwork, starting a blog, or opening an online store. 

Squarespace is intuitive and easy to use, even if you have yet to gain experience with website building. It provides an extensive library of customizable templates, a drag-and-drop editor, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies creating and managing your website. With Squarespace, you can easily customize your site’s design, add pages, create forms, integrate e-commerce functionality, and more. Plus, Squarespace offers reliable hosting, powerful analytics, and excellent customer support to ensure your website runs smoothly.

Why People Like Squarespace

  • Easy to Use: Squarespace lets you combine your website using a simple drag-and-drop system. Using a computer mouse, you can build a website with Squarespace.
  • Great Design: One of the best things about Squarespace is its design. They give you many professionally made website designs, so your site will look good with little effort.
  • Everything in One Place: Squarespace gives you everything you need to get your site online, like a website address (domain) and security (SSL certificate).
  • You Don’t Have to Be a Tech Genius: With Squarespace, you don’t need to worry about technical stuff like ensuring your site stays up-to-date or dealing with hackers. 

Is Squarespace Worth the Money?

While Squarespace is only one of the cheapest options, it offers much value. The cost includes the tools to build your site and things like your website’s address and security features, making it a good deal if you want a hassle-free way to create a professional-looking site.

Pricing Plan

Squarespace offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs, from personal blogs to full-fledged online stores. Each plan has features, including a free domain name and SSL certificate, the internet’s version of a security badge. While Squarespace is known for its slightly higher price tag than some competitors, its value in design and functionality often justifies the cost.

Squarespace Plans

They have different plans for different needs, with basic plans for simple websites and advanced options for online stores. You can pay for Squarespace plans monthly or yearly, with a discount if you opt for the yearly plan. But how do you decide which plan suits your needs? Here’s a quick overview:

Personal Plan: A foundational plan with access to fully customizable, best-in-class templates.

☑ 1 Website

☑Mobile optimized websites

☑Templates to fit every need

☑Free custom domain* for annual payment only

☑SEO features for site visibility

☑Unlimited bandwidth

☑Video hosting

☑24/7 customer support

☑Can attach Digital Products Add-On

☑Drag-and-drop editor

☑2 contributors

☑Basic website metrics

☑SSL security 

☑Squarespace AI

☑Squarespace Extensions

☑Custom merch

☑Audience management


Business Plan: For those looking to grow their audience and begin taking payments.

☑ Mobile optimized websites

☑Templates to fit every need

☑Free custom domain*

☑Advanced website analytics

☑Fully integrated ecommerce

☑3% transaction fee for physical products and services

☑Checkout on your domain

☑Everything in Personal +

☑Unlimited contributors

☑Professional email from Google

☑Complete customization with CSS and Javascript

☑Promotional pop-ups and banners

☑Fully integrated ecommerce

☑3% transaction fee for product sales

☑Checkout on your domain

☑Sell unlimited products

☑Customer accounts

☑Create and sell courses, memberships, and video-on-demand


Commerce Basic Plan: Selling tools to help grow your business. No transaction fees.

☑ Mobile optimized websites

☑Templates to fit every need

☑Free custom domain*

☑Advanced website analytics

☑Fully integrated ecommerce

☑0% transaction fee for physical products and services

☑Checkout on your domain

☑Powerful Merchandising

☑Everything in Business +

☑0% transaction fee for product sales

☑Point of sale

☑Product reviews

☑Advanced merchandising features

☑Sell on Facebook & Instagram

☑Limited availability labels


Commerce Advanced Plan: All the tools necessary for the more advanced seller. No transaction fees.

☑ Mobile optimized websites

☑Templates to fit every need

☑Free custom domain*

☑Advanced website analytics

☑Fully integrated ecommerce

☑0% transaction fee for physical products and services

☑Checkout on your domain

☑Powerful Merchandising

☑Advanced Shipping

☑Advanced discounting

☑Sell subscriptions

☑Everything in Commerce Basic +

☑Abandoned cart recovery

☑Sell subscription products

☑Advanced shipping

☑Advanced discounts

☑Commerce APIs


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Pros and Cons of Squarespace Templates


  • User-Friendly: Squarespace’s interface is all about drag-and-drop, making it easy to build a website without touching a single line of code.
  • Gorgeous Designs: The templates are nothing short of stunning. They’re professionally designed, responsive, and customizable.
  • SEO Tools: Squarespace hasn’t skimped on SEO tools, providing everything you need to help your site rank better in search results.
  • Freebies Included: Every paid plan has a free domain and SSL certificate, which is nice.


  • Pricier Options: Quality comes at a price, and Squarespace’s plans are on the higher end of the spectrum.
  • One Website Per Plan: If you’re looking to create multiple websites, be prepared to purchase separate plans for each.


Getting Your Site Live with Squarespace

Here’s how easy it is to get started:

  1. Sign Up and Pick a Plan: Choose the plan that fits your goals.
  2. Choose a Template: Squarespace offers a library of professionally designed templates. Pick one that catches your eye.
  3. Customize Your Site: Use the drag-and-drop editor to add your content, like photos, text, and videos. You can change the layout and style to match your vision.
  4. Go Live: Once you’re happy with how everything looks, hit publish, and your site is live for the world to see.


Getting Started With Squarespace

Once you sign up, you’re guided through selecting a template, which is your website’s foundation. The template selection process is intuitive, offering categories that help narrow your options based on your site’s purpose.


Template Selection and Customization

Squarespace Templates

Squarespace’s templates are like canvases waiting for your personal touch. Customizing your base is where the fun begins once you’ve chosen your base. You can tweak everything from fonts and colors to page layouts, ensuring your website reflects your style or brand.


Editing Your Webpage and Blocks

Squarespace preview

Editing pages are as easy as clicking and typing. You can add various content blocks, including text, images, and videos, and drag them around to rearrange your layout. Squarespace also offers a range of specialized blocks, like galleries and forms, adding functionality to your site.


Mobile View and Adding Pages

Squarespace preview 2

Ensuring your site looks good on mobile devices is crucial, and Squarespace automatically generates a mobile-friendly version of your site. Adding new pages is just a few clicks away, allowing you to expand your site as needed.


Squarespace for Business

Squarespace isn’t just for personal projects. It’s also powerful enough for business use. Its features make selling things online, booking appointments, and even sending email newsletters easy.

The Commerce Dashboard

Squarespace preview 3

Squarespace has a special section called the Commerce Dashboard for those who want to sell products or services online. This dashboard makes it super simple to manage your store. You can see orders, update products, check your inventory, and even track how much money you’re making, all in one place. It’s designed to be easy to use, so you don’t need to be a tech expert to keep your online shop running smoothly. Whether selling handmade crafts, digital products, or booking services, the Commerce Dashboard keeps everything organized and accessible, helping you stay on top of your business without the headache.

Squarespace Email Marketing and Socials

Squarespace preview 4

Email marketing is a powerful tool, and Squarespace’s integrated solution makes it easy to stay in touch with your audience. Connecting your social media accounts is also straightforward, helping you maintain a cohesive online presence across platforms.


Final Thoughts and Alternatives

Squarespace is an excellent option for creating a professional website without coding. It’s easy to use and has a design-focused approach that makes it perfect for creatives and entrepreneurs. However, if you need to manage multiple sites or are on a budget, consider other options like Hostinger, Bluehost, WordPress, etc. For other alternative hosting, check out our website for more deals and a Free Website Setup. Plus, if you’re considering premium web hosting, we’ve got an incredible offer for you.

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In 2024, Squarespace remains an excellent choice for building a website. It offers a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and user-friendly features to help you bring your digital vision to life. Squarespace provides the tools you need to succeed, whether launching a portfolio, starting a blog, or opening an online store.

FAQ: Squarespace Website Builder Review 2024

  • Is Squarespace easy to use for beginners?

    Yes, Squarespace is designed to be user-friendly, even if this is your first time building a website. It has a drag-and-drop interface, which means you can add, move, and edit elements on your site simply by dragging them with your mouse.

  • Can I customize my site with Squarespace?

    Absolutely! Squarespace provides a variety of templates and design tools so you can make your website look exactly how you want. You can change colors, fonts, layouts, and more without knowing how to code.

  • Can I sell products on my Squarespace site?

    Yes, Squarespace has built-in tools for online stores. This means you can sell products, manage inventory, and accept payments directly on your site. They offer various options for shipping and taxes to help run your store smoothly.

  • Is Squarespace good for SEO?

    Squarespace has built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to help your site appear in search engine results. While it covers the basics to make your site more visible online, you might need to follow best practices and use additional tools for more advanced SEO strategies.

  • Can I use my domain name with Squarespace?

    Yes, you can use a domain you already own or buy a new one through Squarespace. If you sign up for a year, Squarespace offers a free custom domain for the first year.

  • How does Squarespace support work?

    Squarespace provides 24/7 customer support through email and live chat. They also have an extensive help center with articles and video tutorials to guide you through building and managing your site.

  • Can I try Squarespace before I buy it?

    Yes, Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial, so you can build your site and explore its features before deciding if you want to subscribe. You don’t need to enter any credit card details for the trial.

  • Is Squarespace the right choice for me?

    Squarespace is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a straightforward, customizable website builder that doesn’t require coding knowledge. It’s perfect for creatives, small businesses, and anyone wanting to sell online. However, if you need very specific or advanced features, you should explore or compare it with other platforms.

    Squarespace makes it easy to create a professional-looking website without needing to be a tech expert. Its range of features and support makes it a solid choice for anyone looking to launch their website in 2024.

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