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Webflow is a sophisticated online tool for designing, building, and launching responsive websites visually. It combines professional design control with the simplicity of a content management system, making it suitable for designers wanting to implement their creative visions directly. Webflow is unique in that it allows designers to build custom layouts and interactions without writing code.

Webflow is fitting for freelancers and agencies that require granular control over website design and functionality, providing a scalable solution from simple sites to complex e-commerce platforms.

Key features of Webflow include:

Code-free design flexibility: Enables designers to construct custom designs without traditional coding.
Integrated CMS: Manage content easily with Webflow’s built-in content management system.
Responsive by default: Websites built with Webflow are automatically responsive, ensuring compatibility with all device types.
Hosting and security: Webflow offers high-performance hosting with SSL certificates included.

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