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If you’re a WordPress user, you might have encountered the dreaded “Error Establishing a Database Connection” message. This issue can be a significant obstacle in accessing your website, as it cannot communicate with the database where all your content is stored. Consequently, your website may go offline. However, panic is unnecessary because this problem can be resolved. We have compiled a comprehensive guide that will take you step-by-step through fixing this error and getting your website back up and running.

Understanding the Error

First, it’s essential to know what’s happening. Your WordPress site uses a database to store all your content, including posts, pages, and settings. When someone visits your site, WordPress needs to access this database. If it can’t, you see this error. It can be due to incorrect database information in your WordPress settings, a corrupt database, issues with your web hosting server, or even being hacked.

Step 1: Check If the Error is on All Pages

First, check if the error appears on the site’s front end and your WordPress admin area. If the error message is the same, proceed to the next steps. If you see a different message on the wp-admin, like “One or more database tables are unavailable,” this might mean your database needs repairing.

Step 2: Verify Your Database Credentials

Your WordPress site connects to the database using credentials in the wp-config.php file. If these credentials are wrong due to changes in your hosting environment or a mistake in entering data, your site won’t connect to the database.

  • Locate wp-config.php: Access your site via FTP or your host’s file manager and find wp-config.php at the root of your WordPress install.
  • Check the Credentials: Look for DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, and DB_HOST entries. Verify these with the information provided by your host.

Incorrect Database Credentials

  • How to Fix: Access your wp-config.php file via FTP or your hosting file manager. Look for the DB_NAME, DB_USER, and DB_PASSWORD fields. Ensure that the database name, username, and password match precisely what your hosting provider provides.

Step 3: Check Your Database Host Information

The database host information sometimes changes, especially if your site is moved to a new host. Double-check the DB_HOST value in your wp-config.php file. If you need help, contact your hosting provider for the correct information.

Incorrect Database Host Information

  • How to Fix: In the same wp-config.php file, check the DB_HOST value. This is usually set to “localhost,” but it can differ depending on your hosting provider. 

Step 4: Repair Your Database

If the database itself is damaged, you can attempt a repair. WordPress has a built-in feature for this.

  • Add define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true); to your wp-config.php file.
  • Navigate to and click “Repair Database” or “Repair and Optimize Database.”
  • Remove the line from your wp-config.php after you’re done to prevent unauthorized use.

Step 5: Check If Your Database Server is Down

An overloaded or down database server can cause this error. It is more common in shared hosting environments, where your site shares resources with others.

Contact Your Host: They can check the server’s status and let you know if there are any issues. If server downtimes are frequent, consider upgrading your hosting plan or switching to a more reliable host.

Step 6: Scan for Malware

If your site has been hacked or infected with malware, it can cause many issues, including this database error.

  1. Use security plugins like Wordfence or Sucuri for WordPress to scan your site.
  2. Consider professional help if malware is found to ensure it’s thoroughly cleaned.

Step 7: Restore a Recent Backup

If all else fails and your site works fine, restoring a recent backup can restore things to normal. However, this is a last resort, as you might lose any content changes made after the backup was taken.

  • Use Your Hosting Backup Solution: Many hosts offer daily backups.

Manual Restore: If you’ve been making backups, now might be the time to use them.

Practical Steps You Need to Follow:

Suppose you own a small business website that runs on WordPress. One day, you might encounter an error message that says, “Error Establishing a Database Connection.” This can be a frustrating experience for website owners. However, there are practical steps that you can take to resolve this issue and get your website back online.

  1. Start with the Simple Checks: Verify your wp-config.php credentials. Mistyped database details are standard and easily fixed.
  2. Contact Your Host: If the database server is down, your host is the first point of contact. They can offer real-time updates and solutions.
  3. Consider Preventative Measures: To minimize the risk of a corrupt database, regularly back up your site and keep your WordPress version, themes, and plugins updated.
  4. Use Resources: If you need more time to make these changes, consider using your hosting provider’s resources or hire a WordPress professional to ensure your site is properly maintained and secured.



“Error Establishing a Database Connection” is a standard WordPress error that can be fixed with some troubleshooting. Start with simple steps like verifying your database credentials and proceed to more complex solutions as needed. Always back up your site regularly to avoid losing data, and consider using a WordPress management service if you’re uncomfortable tinkering with your site’s backend.


Remember, patience is critical. If you need more clarification at any step, contact your hosting provider’s support team, who can provide specific advice and solutions tailored to your hosting environment. With these steps, your WordPress site will be up and running quickly.


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FAQs: Beyond the Basics

  • What should I do if I keep getting the error after checking the wp-config.php file?

    First, thoroughly check the wp-config.php file for typos or spaces. If the error persists, it might be worth contacting your web host to confirm the database server’s status and whether they’ve made changes that affect your database details.

  • Can a plugin cause the "Error Establishing a Database Connection"?

    While a plugin can’t directly change database credentials, poorly coded plugins might overload the database, especially on shared hosting, indirectly leading to this error. Try disabling plugins (by renaming the folder via FTP) to see if that resolves the issue.

  • How can I prevent this error in the future?

    Regularly update WordPress, themes, and plugins, maintain a reasonable number of plugins, use a robust hosting service, and monitor your site’s traffic to ensure your hosting plan can handle it. Regular backups and frequent database optimization can also help.

  • Is it possible to fix this error without accessing the WordPress dashboard?

    Yes, most solutions involve FTP or your hosting control panel since the dashboard is usually inaccessible when this error occurs. You’ll primarily work with the wp-config.php file or contact your host directly.

  • Can changing my WordPress theme affect my database connection?

    Changing themes shouldn’t affect your database connection. However, if the new theme requires different or additional database tables and something goes wrong during that process, it might indirectly cause issues. Always ensure themes are from reputable sources and are fully compatible with your version of WordPress.

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